Come experience a chance to cross a unique popular attraction that almost went under the wrecking ball several years ago: one of the few private toll bridges left in the country. The Bridge can be found just north of the scenic C&O Canal path frequented by bikers and hikers.

By description, Oldtown  Toll Bridge is a simple crossing, simply constructed, and simply managed. A dozen concrete pedestals secured in the Potomac River support an all wooden bridge that connects Maryland to West Virginia.

in 1937, Mr. Carpenter, through an act of Congress, obtained the proper permits to build the Bridge saving motorists  commuting to Cumberland an hour in travel time. Carpenter's blueprints and the Army Corp of Engineers constructed the bridge and it remained under the same ownership for 34 years until 1971.

In 1987, Charles Walters was sentimental for the Bridge and purchased it that year. When he passed away in 1991, his wife, Frances inherited the business. The bridge almost met the hard end of a wrecking ball when the county commissioners citing it unsafe and put up barricades. The barricades didn't stop the people from using the Bridge. They took them down and crossed it anyway for years until it was restored in 1999 with grants from both West Virginia and Maryland.

In 2010 the Bridge operates under new management which encourages the use of the beautiful scenic river by revamping the 9 riverfront acres and exposing the riverbanks for campsites. The Bridge and their ramp into the Potomac is used by Kayakers, Canoers, Tubers, Horseback riders. Pedestrians and fisherman. For more information call the Oldtown Bridge Toll Booth at 301.478.5500.



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